zondag 19 april 2009

removing plaster, man versus machine

In the past few months I removed the plaster layer from the wall in the living room by hand. A piece of a square meter takes about 4 hours this way. I prevents noise and some dust but doing the whole wall this way takes about every free weekend till Christmas. So today I started drilling. Almost 11 square meters takes about 1.5 hour. Ok no more manual plaster removing any more. Time to buy some scaffolding to do the remaining 11 square meters above 2m.

Any suggestion besides a steel brush for removing some remaining plaster bits and pieces?

Also time to plan infrastructure:

  • Check out how deep one has to drill holes for electricity and other infrastructures.
  • Check out how to handle shielding AC from UTP and cable tv running alongside it for more than 11m
Anyone suggestions?