donderdag 11 september 2008

Leftover Chimney demolished vacuum cleaner

Last weekend we removed the lowered ceiling covering plates and the isolation under the ceiling and surprise not the complete chimney was removed by previous owners. A part was hidden under the lowered ceiling. It consisted of bricks. It was also covered with brick strips as on the walls. Great another demolishing job to do we thought. Well on Monday morning when I was shaving I was disturbed by a loud noise. Sounded like car crash. When entering the living room I became aware that the leftover part of the chimney had fallen of the wall. A few months ago we slept below it... It had demolished our vacuum cleaner. Great now I must clean up the mess and buy a new vacuum cleaner. Good excuse to buy a Dyson ;). But I still have to do something about the soot on the wall. Paint does not stick on it.