dinsdag 23 september 2008

Big demolishing job

Finally the strips of brick, the lowered ceiling and fake walls are gone. With the help of my father in law, we removed the leftover part of the ceiling and the brick decoration.

Today the container with all the mess was picked up. They even took away some of the garbage we thought we could not fit in the container!

On the wall not shown in the picture there was a layer of plaster with a layer of timber. On one place there was another layer of wood, panneling and paper behind the layer of timber. We did not discover the remains of somebody's mother in law.

Below the ceiling we found some spagetti of old and new wiring. It is all removed. Oops I also cut power to the back of the house. Temporary fixed that with an extension cord. The Fridge and Freezer have power again. However the toilet is still Dark

We hope to fix the power problem next weekend.

Today I also temporary fixed the collatoral dammage to the heating control wiring. I still have to figure out how to get a new wire to the heating unit without damaging two ceilings.

Yes the heating works. Bummer the pipes under the kitchen floor have not been isolated and the tiles get hot. Something to fix later

Next, we have to remove all nails fix paint the ceiling and fix the wiring. Afterthat the doors and the floor can be removed.