dinsdag 12 augustus 2008


Jippie, after moving to my new home it sometimes felt living out of cardboard boxes. There is progress now. The smallest room has now one big stack of boxes with stuff I probably will not need very soon. I guess I have to sell give or throw away most of it in a year ;). Then there was stuff I could use at once but actually did not want to make time for at once: Kitchen clock, rack for towels in kitchen, thermometer for in garden. The boxes with the last items packed. Well tonight I postponed dinner to attach the curtain rails to the wall in the study. Had to find wall plugs first. So instead of attaching curtain rails I cleaned up the smallest room: Sorting the boxes in search for wall plugs. Found but the room was a mess. I decided to clean up the room first. This allows Angela, my wife, to move clothes out of the living room and bedroom into this room. I sorted the boxes in tools and building stuff and a big stack of stuff I do not need. Make a note for myself to sort the boxes with tools and building stuff better. It probably can be fitted in less boxes and I can find things easier. Next ceiling lights and curtains. After that filling holes in a wall.