donderdag 3 april 2008

Boktor and indian wraps.

Today we had the structural check of the house we want to buy. The good thing is. The wooden floor beams look structurally sound. The Bad thing is we have devastating wood eating insects in the beams around the cellar latch. These insects are called "Boktor" in Dutch. It is a kind of beetle with a devastating appetite for wood.

In the afternoon we had a good Lunch at Tetatet in Deventer. This a nice lunch restaurant which serves delicious Indian wraps. Third time we have been here. We consider this restaurant as one of our favorites. Great this morning I was working from home getting some Enterprise Library .NET stuff done when my hard drive broke down. Lucky me it was still under warranty and I could exchange it for a new one at ASCI, the local computer shop. This means I am back in Business tomorrow. D-Day tomorrow, swapping the companies E-Mail server for GMail. This means I need less time worrying about maintaining a mail server and it gives my coworkers a modern almost spam free emailing system with good web mail. I also got my Photo's online on picassa. After this blog entry I will correct the Photo link.